Reasons for RACC

1.The international positioning of the exhibition

RACC exhibition is positioned as an international exhibition with international supply and global procurement. The organizing committee has 15-year experience of international refrigeration exhibition organizing and closely cooperates with multinational refrigeration associations and exhibition organizers. Multinational pavilions participate in the exhibition (although they couldn’t show up due to the epidemic in 2020, they all sent congratulatory speeches on the opening of the exhibition). With the character of classic and professional, it has become an important platform for exhibitors to enhance their corporate image and build brand influence.

2. Obvious advantage of host site

Hangzhou, where the exhibition is held, is located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta. It has a developed economy and is also the host city of G20 with strong international influence. There are tens of thousands of refrigeration manufacturers in the surrounding area, leading to a huge local market demand. It is a refrigeration industry base of China and even the world. Tens of thousands of industry buyers from all over the world come and visit every year.

3. Government support, co-hosted by seven authorities

Relying on the advantages of the refrigeration industry base in the Yangtze River Delta, the RACC exhibition aims to build a new international business card for China, to build a business exchange platform, and to promote the domestic and international dual-cycle development of the refrigeration industry, which has received strong support from governments at all levels. It is co-organized by seven organizations:

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)Construction Industry Branch,
Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province,
Zhejiang Association of Refrigeration,
Zhejiang Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association,
Jiangsu Association of Refrigeration,
Zhejiang Fluorochemical Industry Association,

Shanghai Cold Chain Association
That highlights the authority and professionalism of the exhibition.

4.Advantage of Venue

Hangzhou International Expo Center, built in September 2016, was the main venue of G20 Summit holding both professional hall and modern facilities, those core features are in accordance with the international orientation of RACC expo.

5.Abundant Buyer Resources

The organizing committee has 15 years’ experience of organizing domestic enterprises to attend international refrigeration exhibitions all over the world. It also owns the world's largest B2B trade platform( the best-seller magazine《HVACR SUPPLIERS》, both which are specialized in HVAC&R. Over the years, the committee has accumulated numerous purchaser resources. In May 2020, after strict review, it successfully won the bid for hosting the "2020 Quality Zhejiang Virtual Expo".

6.High-quality and professional exhibition services

The organizing committee has invested heavily to provide high-quality and professional services, which has won high praise from all exhibitors. In 2021, the scope of invitations for VIP guests and buyers will be expanded, free food, transportation and five-star hotels will be provided to more than 500 VIP customers.

7.The right time

As vaccine is gradually put on the market, the epidemic is expected to be effectively controlled in the first half of the year. At that time, global business exchanges will be restored, and foreign buyers will use the RACC expo at the end of October to release their long-depressed purchasing needs, we will witness explosive growth of orders.