Product Categories

1, Air conditioning and ventilation

Household air conditioners, commercial air conditioners, central air conditioners, mobile air conditioners, cooling towers, ventilation equipment, fresh air systems, air purification, fan coils, vents, detergent, cleaning equipment, air curtains, humidification and dehumidification equipment, heat pumps, floor heaters, boilers, heating equipment, pumps & valves, water treatment equipment, renewable energy, intelligent controllers, mechanical processing equipment and related accessories.

2, Refrigeration and cold storage equipment

Refrigeration systems and units, freezing equipment, cold storage equipment, cold storage doors, cold storage boards, cold storage lights, temperature control systems, distribution boxes and related accessories.

3, Cold chain

Refrigerators, freezers, air curtain cabinets, display cabinets, vending machines, electronic payment systems, frozen refrigerated delivery cabinet, fruit and vegetable preservation equipment, food and meat processing refrigeration equipment, food packaging equipment, electronic labels, quick freezing equipment, ice making machines , aquarium equipment, cold chain transportation, refrigerated trucks, fresh food distribution services, cold chain logistics, testing equipment, cold storage equipment, etc.

4, Accessories and raw materials

Raw materials,refrigerants, compressors, copper pipes, fans, motors, tools, valves, copper accessories, insulation materials, sound insulation materials, installation equipment and auxiliary materials, testing equipment, software and various refrigeration accessories.