The 15th station of RACC 2020 global promotion tour——2019 Huaihai Refrigeration Exhibition

Huaihai Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Equipment Exhibition (abbreviated as Huaihai Refrigeration Exhibition), jointly hosted by Xuzhou Refrigeration Industry Association and《Modern Refrigeration》, kicked off on December 17, 2019 at Xuzhou International Exhibition Center.

The theme of the exhibition is "innovative development, win-win cooperation", focusing on displaying the latest refrigeration equipment, air conditioning equipment, ventilation equipment, cold chain equipment and related installation materials, tools and equipment; was invited to participate in the exhibition.


The RACC propaganda team came to the Huaihai Refrigeration Exhibition, and visited the exhibitors one by one to distribute the RACC exhibition materials,Jointly explored possibilities of Zhejiang Province as an industrial base to hold international refrigeration and cold chain exhibitions with high-quality enterprise and buyers.

We visited many well-known companies such as Jingchuang on the site and also met many old friends.Most of the companies expressed their support and affirmation for RACC exhibition in the coming year.