The 17th station of RACC 2020 global promotion tour——2020HVACR EXPO SAUDI

The annual Saudi HVAC exhibition is finally open. As the only and the most important exhibition in Saudi Arabia to open the middle East market, major global brands all appear in Riyadh.

Let me show you the well-known companies participating in the exhibition and feel the feast of the industry from the Middle East.

Although the current epidemic -- Novel coronavirus pneumonia in China has caused many inconveniences for companies to participate in overseas exhibitions, we overcome all difficulties and fly non-stop to Saudi Arabia after the US exhibition. We previously shipped 3000 brochures, the propagandists visited each company with the brochure and exchanged face to face, so that they could understand and recognize the exhibition completely.

At the same time, we distribute RACC materials to buyers, publicize patiently, sincerely invite them to participate in RACC, and promise to provide overall services. Buyers have expressed their willingness to participate , and wish the exhibition a success.

We will never stop our efforts for any difficulties. We strive to achieve the ultimate publicity work.